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Tour Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan


Destination: Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan

City: Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva - Bukhara - Samarkand - Fergana - Dustlik - Osh - Bishkek - Issyk-Kul
Duration: 14 days / 13 nights

On this tour you will see the historical cities of Uzbekistan, and the city with beautiful scenery of Kyrgyzstan!
1 day **** - Tashkent
Arrival in Tashkent, meeting with a sign FAYTEMTOUR. Journey starts from the Uzbek capital of Tashkent and warm bread, one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia, where antiquity and modernity seamlessly coexist, complementing each other.
Transfer to hotel accommodation.
Free time.
Overnight in Tashkent Palace Hotel 4 **** / Grand Orzu 3 ***.

Day 2 Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva
Breakfast at hotel.
5:00 shuttle to the airport and flight to Urgench, 7:00, 08:40 arrival and transfer to Khiva (30 km) Arrival, accommodation at the hotel.
City tour, visiting the architectural complex of Ichan-Qala (12-19 th century):
Kunya Ark Citadel (16-17 century), residence of the last Khan including Ismail Haji Mausoleum, Mohammed Amin Khan Madrassah, Muhammad Rahimkhan Madrassah, Juma - a mosque (10th century), Minaret, Juma Mosque, Madrasah Shergazihana, Sayid Alauddin mausoleum, minaret Murad Tour
Architectural Complex of Pahlavan Mahmud Mausoleum of Pahlavan Mahmud (14-18 centuries), Minaret Islamhodzhi, Ak-Mosque, Anushahana Bath, Caravanserai Allakulihana, Alpakulihana Madrasah (1834-1835 gg.)
Palace Tash Khovli (19th century), Minaret Kalta - Minar, and other attractions of Khiva.
Free time. Overnight in Hotel Malika Khiva 3 *** / Asia Khiva 3 ***.
Day 3, Khiva - Bukhara (550 km)

Breakfast at hotel.
Transfer to Bukhara: the ancient way from Khiva to Bukhara took over a month way. Today it is a few hours by car, via mysterious red Kyzylkum desert. On the road you can admire the great Central Asian Amu Darya river, you will open the exotic landscapes of the desert. You can enjoy the dunes and caravans of wild camels wandering in the desert!
Arrival to Bukhara, transfer to hotel.
Free time. Overnight at the Hotel Grand Bukhara 4 **** / Sasha & Son 3. ***
Day 4, Bukhara
Breakfast at hotel. Sightseeing in Bukhara:
Citadel Ark - the city within a city (4th century BC), Bolo House (early 20th century), the architectural ensemble of Poi-Kalon (Pedestal of the Great), the religious heart of Holy Bukhara, consists of a minaret of Kalyan, Kalyan Mosque and Miri-Arab. Ulugbek Madrasah (1417), Madrassah Nadir-Divan-Begi Madrasah Abdul Aziz Khan, Magoki-Attori (12-16 cc.), Labi Hauz ensemble (14-17 century), the ensemble of Kosh-Madrasah (consisting of two opposing madrassas Madaris-Abdullakhan (mother Abdulla) and madrassas Abdullakhan, Samanid Mausoleum (tomb of the representatives of the Samanid late 9th - early 10th century), Chashma Ayub (Job's Spring), Chor Minor (four minarets).
In his spare time, we recommend visiting trading domes (15-16 cc.): Toki Saraffon (Dome of the moneychangers), Toki-Telpak Furushon (Dome of the sellers of hats), Toki Zargaron (Dome of the jewelers) and Tim Abdulla (Centre for the sale of silk).
Overnight at the Hotel Grand Bukhara 4 **** / Sasha & Son 3. ***

Day 5, Bukhara
Breakfast at hotel.
Sightseeing tour in Bukhara:
Check out the countryside to visit the Mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi (16-19 century), where the tomb of his mother and his relatives (14th century), mausoleum Chor-Bakr (10th century), the summer residence of Sitorai Hossa (19th century).
Free time to buy souvenirs and oriental spices.
We recommend to visit the Gold Souk.
Overnight at the Hotel Grand Bukhara 4 **** / Sasha & Son 3. ***
Day 6 Bukhara - Samarkand (270 km)
Breakfast at hotel.
Morning drive to Samarkand, across town with a tour of Vobkent Vobkenstkogo Minaret (12th century), and through the city with a tour of Gijduvan Medressa, tomb of Abd al-Halyk Gijduvani and visit the famous studio potter.
Before driving to Samarkand, we stop at the mausoleum of Ismail al-Bukhari.
Transfer to Samarkand, check in hotel.
Free time.
Overnight at the President Palace Hotel 4 **** / Malika Prime 3 ***

Day 7, Samarkand

Breakfast at hotel.
Visit the Eastern morning Siab Bazaar, the Mosque of Bibi Khanum, Registan Square - Ulugbek Madrasah (15th century), Sher-Dor (17th century), Madrassah Tilla-Kori (17th century).
Excavations and museum of the ancient city of Afrasiab, the architectural complex Shahi-Zinda (11-15 century), Gur Emir - Tamerlane's tomb (14-15 century), Mausoleum of Daniel, Ulugbek Observatory (15th century). In his spare time visiting carpet factory Hudzhum, silk carpets, or visit the studio for the production of papyrus paper (handmade).
Free time to buy as souvenirs and oriental sweets.
Overnight at the President Palace Hotel 4 **** / *** Malika Prime 3.

Day 8, Samarkand - Tashkent (350 km)

Breakfast at hotel.
In the morning drive to Tashkent (4:00), accommodation at the hotel.
After lunch excursion to a modern Tashkent:
Opera and Ballet Theatre. Alisher Navoi, Tashkent TV Tower, the complex posveschenny victims of repression, the Memorial Complex "Courage" - is the only architectural and artistic complex, dedicated to the topic of eliminating the consequences of the Tashkent earthquake of 1966
Tour of the Amir Temur Square: Amir Temur Square in the center of which is a monument to the great commander Amir Temur, the famous Astronomical Clock and the Tashkent Uzbekistan Hotel (Intourist), Palace of Forums "Broadway" - Alley artists, with exposed for sale cheap souvenirs, as well as fountains and modern monuments of the capital, Alay market.
Free time.
Overnight in Tashkent Palace Hotel 4 **** / Grand Orzu 3 ***.

Day 9, Tashkent

Breakfast at hotel.
Continue sightseeing in Tashkent:
The State Museum of Timurids, Independence Square, where there are: Monument of Independence and Happy mother's Arch "Ezgulik" (Arch of the good and noble aspirations) ascended to the heights of storks and a memorial of the Great Patriotic War.
Then tour the old town: Seen Hazrati Imam complex: consisting of Barak Khan madrassah, Tilla Sheikh mosque - the repository of the famous Osman's Koran, and the golden hair of the Prophet Muhammad, Juma mosque Khoja Ahrar Vali, The State Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan, Kukeldash madrassa, madrassah Abdulkasim
Free time for shopping at Su bazaar and souvenir shops.
Overnight in Tashkent Palace Hotel 4 **** / Grand Orzu 3 ***.

Day 10, Tashkent - Ferghana (340 km)

Breakfast at hotel
Drive to Ferghana, on the road trip to Kokand mosque Khudoyar Khan Mosque World, the Mausoleum Dahman Shakhon. Moving to Rishton: visiting a private pottery studio, moving to Margilan: visit a silk factory Yudgorlik, after examining the drive to Fergana. Accommodation at the hotel.
Overnight at Hotel Club 777 3 *** / Asia Fergana 3 ***.

Day 11, Ferghana - Dustlik - Osh - Bishkek

Breakfast at hotel.
Transfer to the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border "Dustlik." Passage of the border to Kyrgyzstan. The local Russian-speaking guide will meet you on the Kyrgyz side of the border and after the necessary procedures you will move to Osh, a city which, 3000 years, known as one of the purposes of the Silk Road. Accommodation in hotel / guest house. Tour with a visit to the sacred mountain Sulaiman and local museums, the Museum of Babur, the Museum of the Silk Road.
Evening flight to Bishkek (18:00).
Upon arrival, airport, transfer to hotel and accommodation. Night at the Ak-Keme.
Day 12: Bishkek - Issyk-Kul Lake (270 km)

Breakfast at hotel and departure.
Moving to the Issyk-Kul Lake on the north shore. On the way visit the historical complex Burana, which consists of the Burana tower, mausoleums and a museum of petroglyphs in the open.
Upon arrival, visit the Regional Museum and the Museum of petroglyphs in the open.
Optionally, you can organize horse games and competitions on horseback - one of the most popular entertainment of the Kyrgyz people in the past.
Riding on a boat (paid on the spot by the tourists).
Accommodation at the Caprice.

Day 13, Issyk-Kul - Bishkek (270km)

After breakfast at the hotel you can spend a little time on the lake.
Return trip in Bishkek. On the way stop at p. Tamchi where the locals will show you the process of making felt. Optionally, you can take a walk on horseback (paid on the spot by the tourists).
Upon arrival in Bishkek, a city tour with a visit to the Ala-Too Square, Historical Museum, Victory Square, Philarmonic, Statue of Manas, and parks.
Optionally, during dinner can be arranged folk concert - traditional songs performed by local band with musical instruments - komuz Temir komuz Kyrgyz flute (paid on the spot by the tourists).
Overnight at Ak Keme.

Day 14 Bishkek - ***
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to airport for flight to next destination

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