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Incentive Tours in Uzbekistan

Conferences, seminars, business training, business meetings - organization, preparation, implementation and support!
If you need to hold a corporate event at a high level team FAYTEMTOUR always ready to help you! We have extensive experience in professional conduct, organization and preparation of various business meetings, conferences and seminars from 50 to 300 people. Our experts have experience working with large companies in Russia, Malaysia, India and other developing countries.

We offer all kinds of corporate seminars - trainings and corporate games, the trend of popular corporate outings, progressing from year to year with long strides since the creation of team spirit in the company for many of today's leaders is a very important factor in working with the team. Naturally, the existence of the corporate spirit is possible only if the command itself. But what if the team is, and as such is not the team?
Trainings on team (team building) are the leaders and the popularity and prestige among the types of active recreation enterprise. Torn from a familiar environment, people rarely returns to the stereotypes of behavior and thinking prevailing in it. A different situation causes and act differently.
What you get:
• Personality and creativity
• Planning and optimization of costs
• Flexible system of mutual
• Fast and efficient service

You can completely trust FAYTEMTOUR the following tasks:

• Budget planning activities
• Development of programs
• Selection of venues and accommodation of participants, - rental of conference rooms, booking rooms in hotels, as well as the selection of unusual venues
• The meeting, seeing and tracking of participants
• Support and provide the necessary audio - video - equipment
• Dressing rooms
• Catering participants
• Organization of the holiday

At your service:
Imaginative and creative ideas of our employees, a sound approach, reasonable prices and excellent service.

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