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Adventure on the train

Destination: Uzbekistan

City: Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara - Tashkent

Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights

Travel in Uzbekistan seems to admire the diamond - the set of faces, looking at the lights which can be infinite. Uzbekistan - as a fine art - paintings of landscapes of mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers and oases alternate with each other - it must be seen!

1 day **** - Tashkent

Arrival in Tashkent, meeting with a sign FAYTEMTOUR.
Journey starts from the Uzbek capital of Tashkent and warm bread, one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia, where antiquity and modernity seamlessly coexist, complementing each other.
Transfer to hotel accommodation. Free time.
Overnight in Tashkent Palace Hotel 4 **** / Grand Orzu 3 ***.

Day 2 Tashkent - Samarkand

Breakfast at hotel.
7:00 transfer to Tashkent North Station, transfer to Samarkand in the high-speed train "Shark" or "Registan" (08:00-11:40). Arrival to Samarkand, check in hotel.
Samarkand - the capital of the empire of Tamerlane and his grandson Ulugbek. Favorite city of the poet Omar Khayyam. The city has long been focused science and art of the ancient East. Multi-ethnic and tolerant - are saying that "the sky are a lot of stairs" and it does not matter what language to read the prayer. Such an architecture in Samarkand is no longer anywhere in the world.
A short evening tour of the sights of Samarkand: Registan Square - Ulugbek Madrasah (15th century), Sher - Dor (17th century), Madrassah Tilla - Kori (17th century).
Free time. Overnight at the President Palace Hotel 4 **** / Malika Prime 3 ***

Day 3, Samarkand
Breakfast at hotel.
Visit the Eastern morning Siab Bazaar, the Mosque of Bibi Khanum excavations and museum of the ancient city of Afrasiab, the architectural complex Shahi - Zinda (11-15 century), Gur Emir mausoleum - tomb of Tamerlane (14-15 century), Mausoleum of Daniel, Ulugbek Observatory (15 century).
In his spare time visiting carpet factory Hudzhum, silk carpets, or visit the studio for the production of papyrus papers (handmade).
Free time to buy souvenirs and oriental sweets.
Overnight at the President Palace Hotel 4 **** / Malika Prime 3 ***

Day 4, Samarkand - Bukhara
Breakfast at hotel.
11:00 transfer to the train station in Samarkand, Bukhara, transfer to the high speed train "Shark" (12:00-16:00). Transfer to hotel in Bukhara (15 km).
You are leaving the territory of the oases and the hills of Afrasiab. The mountains, which have long found shelter holy hermits, are gradually replaced by desert.
Sacred Bukhara, the birthplace of Ibn Sina, a favorite city of all the saints and philosopher of International Nasreddin Hodja jovial, cheerful, bustling capital of the emirs and the lush, rich people of all nationalities and patrons. When the say "the luxury of the East" - mean it is her.
Free evening to visit the Labi Hauz ensemble (14-17 century).
Overnight at the Hotel Grand Bukhara 4 **** / Sasha & Son 3. ***

Day 5, Bukhara

Breakfast at hotel.
Sightseeing in Bukhara: Citadel Ark - the city within a city (4th century BC), Bolo House (early 20th century), the architectural ensemble of Poi-Kalon (Pedestal of the Great), the religious heart of Holy Bukhara, consists of the Kalyan minaret , Kalyan Mosque and Madrassah Miri-Arab. Ulugbek Madrasah (1417), Madrassah Nadir - Sofa - Begi Madrassah Abdul Aziz Khan, Magoki-Attori (12-16 cc.), Kosh-Madrasah ensemble (consisting of two opposing madrassas Madari-Abdullakhan (mother Abdulla) and madrassas Abdullakhan , Samanid Mausoleum (tomb of the representatives of the Samanid late 9th - early 10th century), Chashma Ayub (Job's Spring), Chor Minor (four minarets).
Leisure time: We recommend to visit the Trade domes (15-16 cc.): Toki Saraffon (Dome of the moneychangers), Toki-Telpak Furushon (Dome of the sellers of hats), Toki Zargaron (Dome of the jewelers) and Tim Abdulla (Centre for the sale of silk).
Overnight at the Hotel Grand Bukhara 4 **** / Sasha & Son 3. ***

Day 6 Bukhara - Tashkent
Breakfast at hotel.
Outside the city there are palaces and mausoleums of the rulers of the sheikhs. You will see where the rest of Bukhara emirs, feed the peacocks and cakes make a pilgrimage to the holy places.

Sightseeing tour in Bukhara:
Departure for the city to visit the Mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi (16-19 century), where the tomb of his mother and his relatives (14th century), mausoleum Chor-Bakr (10th century), the summer residence of Sitorai Hossa (19th century).
Free time to buy souvenirs and oriental spices. We recommend to visit the Gold Souk.
18:30 Transfer to the train station, night train to Tashkent (20:00-07:00 +). Overnight on the train.

Day 7, Tashkent
Breakfast at hotel.
Tour of the Amir Temur Square: Amir Temur Square in the center of which is a monument to the great commander Amir Temur, the famous Glockenspiel, and Tashkent Uzbekistan Hotel (former Intourist), Palace of Forums "Broadway" - Alley artists, with exposed for sale cheap souvenirs, as well as of fountains and modern monuments of the capital market Alai, Independence Square, where there are: Monument of Independence and Happy mother's Arch "Ezgulik" (Arch of the good and noble aspirations) ascended to the heights of storks and a memorial of the Great Patriotic War.
Then tour the old town: Seen Hasti Imam complex: consisting of Barak Khan Madrasah, Tilla Sheikh mosque - the repository of the famous Osman's Koran, and the golden hair of the Prophet Muhammad, Juma mosque Khoja Ahrar Vali, The State Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan, Kukeldash madrassa.
According to the schedule transfer to Tashkent airport for flight to next destination.

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